Thursday, November 17, 2016

She signed

Charly has officially committed to running for the California State Fullerton Titans.  She went on an official visit and decided based on a number of factors that this program would be good for her.  We are very appreciative of all the coaches and support that has helped her get this point. She has one more year of high school track in a cold and high climate. We all look forward to these upcoming races before she moves out and on to California.

Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 All State Girls Track Team :

Charleen Jordan, Green Valley
The junior swept the Division I state titles in the hurdle races, claiming the 100-meter high hurdles in 14.28 seconds, and the 300 lows in 43.2. Both times were the best in the state this season.

Friday, June 3, 2016

She is amazing

Nevada State Championships May 20-21,2016

State championship time is an exciting time. Each year it switches from being in Las Vegas and Carson City. This year it was in Carson. I had prepared mine, my moms and Charly's travel plans. All things were in order for Charly to ride the bus up with her team on Thursday and we would fly up on Friday. She would fly home with us Saturday night. Tuesday night I came down with a raging flu. It was so bad. Charly and I were both frantic that she might catch the illness, so she went to stay at a friends house. My flu digressed into strep throat, my old friend. Northern Nevada was unseasonably cold during the weekend. We got to her Friday night 300 hurdle race a couple hours early and it was fluttering snowflakes.  I saw my baby in the infield with her Arcadia windbreaker cinched up over her whole face warming up an hour and a half before her race. The gravity of winning this race had reached an all time high for her after the last race at regionals. I saw her before the race and she was in her zone and could not even talk. Charly proved that she is without a doubt a game day performer. She ran the 300 faster then she ever has with a time of 43.2. She achieved her goals of beating her freshman time and defending her title. This race looked like it could have been a weekday track meet with how far Charly was in the lead.   

The next day was sunny. She called me at 6:45 in the morning saying that she had chosen to sleep through breakfast at the hotel and asked if I could bring her food to the track. I stopped at Starbucks and got her oatmeal with blueberries and a yogurt fruit parfait. When she saw me her smile was big and her spirits high. The weight of the 300 hurdles was gone and she was confident in her 100 hurdle abilities. She raced the 100 hurdles with a time of 14.28 (her PR is 14.22), but she was elated to have defended both her state titles.

Our plane ride home. Three happy ladies.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

Skyhawk Invitational 2016

100 Hurdles 14.43
100 m 12.38 

She was scheduled to run the 4x100 relay and 300 hurdles, however, during her 100 hurdles she felt like she pulled something. The medic trainer guy said it was something with her hip flexor and she should sit the last two races out. With regionals and the state championship fast approaching she did not want to risk hurting herself more, so she sat the last two races out. 

Green Valley v. Vegas High School Weekday April 20, 2016

100 m 12.75
300 Hurdles 45.22

Mt. Sac Relays 2016

100 Hurdles 14.65
300 Hurdles 45.75

Charly ran two races at Mt. Sac 2016. I was not able to attend due to a feverish 3 year old at home. It was a humbling invitational for her to be around the high school and college athletes who are the top in their field. It was motivational for her. Charly still has untapped potential and talent that everyone is waiting to see. Hopefully she can cull that from within herself since there is currently no hurdles coach at her high school.  I support you sweet girl in this journey and believe not only in your talent, but your wisdom, goodness and passion. 

(the streaming video I have was constantly delayed and interrupted so I do not have a good video of her races.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Green Valley v. Coronado Weekday April 12, 2016

100 Hurdles 14.1
100 m 12.1
300 Hurdles 46.1

Charly went to Coronado for two years before transferring to Green Valley. Of course as adults we realize it is less about which high school you are at but more about the hard work put in as an individual athlete.  However, most high school kids do not have that perspective, so it has proven sticky at times to maneuver that dynamic.  Charly has some great friends at Coronado and it was great to see them (and their parents) at this meet. She also has great friends at Green Valley.  Charly is a rolling, rather, running stone and moves seamlessly through her life's transitions.  She is motivated by meeting new people and making new friends. This is probably a product of having moved so much as a child, as well as her inherent personality. She is adaptable in the best kind of way.

Looking at Colleges

Starting to narrow down where Charly wants to go to college.
 smaller, less competition but still D1 (Northridge)
 smaller, private but still D1 (Pepperdine)
big, high competition, track will be her life D1 (UCLA)

Arcadia Invitational 2016

Arcadia was wet the whole day. Charly had 4 races to run (while everyone else on her team only had one race) so she was there from 8am to 8pm.

100m seeded Charly was in lane 5 and ran a 12.57
Charly is in green
Then she napped a wet nap before racing the 4x4

4x4 relay seeded Charly ran the anchor portion of the race.
Her split time was 57....

100 Hurdles seeded in the invitational portion she ran a 14.49 and received a 3rd place medal and coveted backpack Nike gives out to those who qualify for the invitational portion of the meet.
Charly and her coach Vanessa Pike

In the warm up section of the meet gearing up for her final race the 300 little girl

300 Hurdles seeded final section Charly ran a 45.34

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Green Valley v. Basic meet 4/5/16

100 Hurdles 14.42
200 Meter open 26.06
This is the last meet before Arcadia this coming weekend.  After the meet about 40 kids from the team came over for a spaghetti dinner at the house. They were swimming, on the trampoline, fire pit, basketball and dancing. It was a great evening.

Sunday, April 3, 2016