Sunday, March 13, 2016

Meadows Invitational Las Vegas, NV 3/12/16

100HH  15.41
 300H 46.35
This is the first meet of the track season. Charly ran the 110HH, 300 H and 4x4 relay as anchor. She placed first in both hurdle events. This is a new relay team for Charly since she switched high schools this year and is now running for Green Valley instead of Coronado.  This new relay team does not know each other very well and it is a young team.  Charly is one of the oldest on the team, so I was nervous for how they would place.
Here is the hand off to the team in front of them.  The girl handing off to Charly is 50 meters behind.

Charly took the baton as the anchor (final runner in the relay).

So she took large strides to attempt to close the gap.
 The last 100m her opponent sped up because she could feel Charly on her tail. 
 So Charly increased her arm speed and lengthened her stride even more.
 She told me she did not want to be the "girl who almost came in first."
 On the sidelines I could see my baby's face in such pain.
 She bounded in front of her opponent very close to the finish line.
 She moved in front and finished first. I couldn't help the tears that came: for her pain, for her effort, for her joy, for my joy that she is my daughter. I am so proud of her determination.
 That girl gave it all she had to cross the finish line first...because that is what she does: cross first. She said could only see white for about a minute after her race. 
"Female Athlete of the Meet" trophy!

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